Lars Weller is painting a universe of his own.

This universe is uncanny but also ironic and ambiguous. In the work Weller is addressing existential questions and doubts.

His work is about the experience of loneliness and fears we experience as human beings. Why are we living our lives this way? Some of the paintings can be seen as a dream image or a foggy remembrance. Portraits have a ghostly presence, like they are about to disappear from excistence

The paintings don’t provide answers to these questions, they just phrase them. They do suggest something, but the viewer has to figure it out himself.

The paintings are small sized, and thinly painted. Lots of monochrome hues of green are used.

These paintings are slow, they ask for time to reveal themselves.

Weller’s work invites us to slow down for a while, and to reflect on what happened to us.